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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 19:05:49 +0000 (GMT)From: Kerry Slater Subject: Dramatic Role - part 1In which Miss Slater creates HeatherI was fifteen years old and had been at Highgrove BoysSchool for three years. I was a little short for myage and not overly muscular. When I'd first gone thereI was in with a group of boys from my first school andblended in without being picked on. A couple of myfriends were quite tall and strong and this was enoughto protect me from some of the annoying groups in theschool.I'd joined the drama group in my first year, but hadonly got walk-on parts until that year. We were doinga murder play set in the 1920s or 1930s, I never didquite figure out which. Because it was a boys schoolwe usually did plays that didn't require any youngwomen or girls parts, but this one need someone toplay the girlfriend of a weekend visitor to a bigcountry house. The whole play takes place in theliving room and I think it's an Agatha Christie story.Anyway, I was asked by the drama teacher if I mindedplaying the part of the girlfriend, called Heather. Hesaid I was the right build to carry the role andthought I could move well enough to take the part of agirl. Then he apologised in case he'd offended me andsaid he'd he would really like me to try it out andthat I didn't appear 'clumsy' like most of the boys. Isaid it was alright and that I'd do my best if hethought I could do it.I'd never dressed as a girl but, thinking back, I'dalways been kind of neat in the way I dressed and Iwasn't too worried about being teased as by this timeI was a bit of a loner anyway. I didn't really thinkmuch more about it until we got the scripts, markedwith stage directions and costume notes. I started toread through my part. It wasn't very big and wasn'tgoing to be any problem to learn, but I discovered Ihad three costumes in the three different scenes I wasin. First I appeared the day before the murder in atennis outfit, then the morning after the murder in anightdress and dressing gown and finally in a daydress. I wasn't even sure what a day dress was.We started read-throughs of the script in the dramameetings, which were after school on Thursdays. Thefirst meeting was very slow as everyone was trying tofind their parts. It was during the first of thesemeetings that it finally struck me that I was not justplaying a girl, but I had a boyfriend in the play. Myboyfriend in the play was one of my old friends andalthough it seemed odd it was quite funny and weplayed it for laughs as we read. Rehearsals went onfor some months as we only met once a week until wegot near performance time. In the meantime we'd beenmeasured up by the assistant drama teacher MissSlater, who was going to order the costumes for us.She had a list of info she needed for everyone, but itstill came as a surprise when she measured my head fora wig.Three weeks before the performance, which was going tobe a matinee and evening performance, the costumesarrived. They were handed out in bags with our namesstuck on them so that we could all take them home andtry them on. Miss Slater took me to one side andsuggested that I try mine on at school with her help.I agreed readily to this as I couldn't imagine my Dadbeing over enthusiastic in seeing me as a girl. Shearranged for me to miss an art class and we were tomeet in the drama rooms after lunch.When the time came I was very nervous and quiteexcited by the whole thing. By Preteen Nude Models the time she breezedthrough the door I was trembling and had troublefinding my voice.She put her arm round me and said "Come on Peter. Thiswill be fun." We went into the dressing room and shestarted to get the costumes out."We really just need to check that they fit at thistime Peter"I was still frozen to the spot and didn't know what tosay or do."I suppose you're nervous" she said quietly and lockedthe door "There we are, no way we're going to bedisturbed, just us girls together."We both laughed at that comment and said "So what dowe try first?""Well, you will need to strip and I think we'd bettertry the tennis outfit. You can keep your underwear onof course" she added. I started to undress but shecould tell I was a bit shy and slow."I'll get the iron out and run over the dress whileyou're getting ready." she turned her back on me andstarted on the dress humming as she did so.I stripped down to my boxers and put on the tennisskirt and a top and white socks and tennis shoes,there was also a couple of wrist bands. MIss Slaterwas just playing with the dress by now and waiting forme ."I'm done" I said. "It seems to fit alright."She turned round and gave me a long look, noddingslightly as she did so. "You look quite good, but we'dbetter try the wig and the bra to get the look justright." She dived into another bag. "Just take the topoff and we''ll get this checked." She turned round andhad a brown shoulder length wig in one hand and a brain the other which seemed to be padded with something.I'd taken off the top and she handed me the bra andsaid to put it round me with the clasp at the front,then twist it round and put my arms through thestraps.I struggled a bit, but she let me do it myself."You're going to have to get used to this yourself aswe may not have enough hands to help you dress on theday."The bra had two gel pads lipped into it and felt quiteheavy on my chest. Miss Slater adjusted the straps forme and said to leave them like that as it fit well. Iput the top on she guided me as to how to get the wigon straight. "OK, now give me a twirl so that we getthe full impression."I confess it felt amazing. I'd never imagined what itmust feel like to have breasts. They weren'tparticularly big but they moved just enough to lookand Preteen Nude Models feel extremely realistic."Hmm." she said "Those boxers you're wearing look abit silly, we're going to have to get that right asthey show a little when you turn.""But there wasn't anything else in the bag" I said,not sure what I felt about wearing women's panties. Iknow at this time I was wearing a padded bra, a wigand a skirt, but somehow women's panties seemed morepersonal than the rest.Miss Slater was rummaging in the bag which had thedress in and pulled out a pair of white satin pantieswith little flowers in cream embroidered round thelegs. "Come on, just slip these on and we'll get thecomplete look." I paused with them in my hands."Oops, sorry." she said and turned her back on me.I reluctantly pulled off my tennis shoes and boxers,slipped the panties over my feet and pulled them up.They felt fantastic. I'd never known any sensationquite like that and could feel myself getting hard.Miss Slater turned round and I immediately blushed."Hey, no need to be embarrassed by anything. You lookgreat." She came over and turned me round so my backwas to her and she adjusted the way the wig fell overmy shoulders. There was a full length mirror in frontof us and she was smiling at me over my shoulder. "Youlook really cute you know. If I was a boy I'd quitefancy you."I was feeling quite confused now. Miss Slater wasreally attractive, she was in her mid twenties and hadspiky cropped blond hair which made her eyes seemreally big. And I appeared to be a young woman withbrown hair and a was in a very short tennis skirt nowwith a slightly embarrassing bulge growingperceptably.Her hands moved to my shoulders and I could feel thewarmth of her body against mine. Her hands traced downmy bare arms and held my hands gently, never breakingeye contact with me. Then she whispered quietly in myear. "We're going to have to solve that little problemif you're going to play this part properly."Her right hand left mine and moved across my tummy,pulling me back against her as she kissed my shoulder."No one knows this, but I quite like girls as well asboys" she whispered quietly "and you seem to be bothof those right now."My free hand moved back slightly and made contact withher leg. She was wearing a dress made of soft cotton,with knee length leather boots, and I could feel thetaught muscles of her thigh through the flimsymaterial. Her hand moved down my tummy and came torest over my now hard cock. Her tongue flicked at myneck as we both continued to enjoy this scene in themirror. I was trembling again, either with excitementor just plain nervousness. I continued to stroke herthigh as her hand slipped inside my panties and easedmy cock out, her other hand let go of mine and snakedacross my tummy, holding me up and holding me firmlyagainst her. I now had both hands to explore herthighs, not sure what to do next.Miss Slater seemed to be quite happy as things were.She started to slowly wank me as she bit and gentlysucked on my neck. It didn't last long for me, Igroaned and Miss Slater held my skirt up as I startedto pump all over her hand. She kissed my ear andground her crutch against my ass as I groaned andspent myself. Then she lifted Preteen Nude Models her cum soaked hand andstarted to lick it off as I watched in the mirror."Mmm, Heather. It tastes so nice." she said, using thename I had in the play. "Do you want to try some?"I wasn't sure that she meant what she was saying as Iwas in a sort of daze. She moved her hand across justin front of my lips and her eyes met mine in themirror. It wasn't me whose lips tentatively parted, itwas Heather, a dark haired girl in a tennis outfit andwhite socks.Her hand moved closer and I could smell the sweet,slightly nutty tang of my own cum. I moved my headcloser and closed my lips over the side of her indexfinger. As I did this I also moved my own hand up MissSlater's thigh and discovered that she had no pantieson. As I sucked her fingers into my mouth my ownfingers slid easily into the first pussy they'd everexplored. Miss Slater groaned and I saw her eyes sortof glaze a little.I sucked and licked the cum from her fingers as Preteen Nude Models Iplayed, however inexpertly, with her pussy. I musthave Preteen Nude Models been doing something right as she started to pushagainst my hand, trapping it between her and my ass.Her fingers were now working themselves in and out ofmy mouth as she ground Preteen Nude Models herself on my hand. I couldfeel my fingers soaked by her juices. As she fingerfucked my mouth i suddenly felt her body stiffen andshudder as an orgasm passed through her.We both stayed like that for what seemed like an age,while her orgasm reduced to little twitches, and thenshe relaxed and let my fingers slip out of her pussy.I trailed the back of my hand down Preteen Nude Models her thigh and thenmoved them up to my lips to smell her juices.Instinctively I licked a little off my fingers while Iwatched her face in Preteen Nude Models the mirror. It tasted quitedifferent and tangy, but sexy. She leaned round me tolick my hand and taste her own cum. Our lips met overmy fingers and her tongue touched my lips. Then itforced its way past my fingers and we kissed long anddeep.Eventually our Preteen Nude Models mouths separated and I could feel herbreath on my face as she said "You know you could getme sacked now if you told anyone don't you? And I'dnever work in teaching again.""How could I tell anyone," I said quietly "Heatherdoesn't go to Preteen Nude Models this school." And I smiled at her.She kissed me softly on the lips and said "Thank you.You're sweet""When are we going to try the other outfits?" I asked"Well, I'll take these clothes home and make surethey're cleaned and ironed. Then we'll have to arrangea date.""Mmm, does that mean were dating now?" I asked in mybest girl's voice"We'll see." said Miss Slater and started to pack thedress in a bag. I took this as my cue to change and weparted without saying much else of significance. Noteven exchanging a kiss.
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